Northstar Flameless Ltd. has been a North American leader in catalytic heat technology since 1964.

Northstar Flameless Ltd. heaters have a proven track record.  Many of our heaters (particularly our Portable Cargo Heaters) built 20 - 30 years ago are still in service.  Convection is relied on to move heated air.  No electrical hook-up is required.  This is a huge advantage particularly if electricity is problematic.

Our unique heating solutions exceed all standards in Transportation, Recreational, Industrial and Greenhouse heating applications.

Northstar Flameless Ltd. offers a broad range of product selection to consumers and industry clients.


Fire Marshall regulations require that all cylinders containing combustible gases be stored outside, in a well ventilated, secured cabinet.

Northstar Flameless Ltd. has been manufacturing outdoor propane cylinder storage cabinets for over a decade. These products are built with the same attention to detail we’ve displayed as a metal fabricator and manufacturer.

Our Industrial Cabinets are primarily used for forklift cylinders and our Low Profile Retail Cabinets are used exclusively to store 20-lb. bottles.  

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Northstar expands its line of Storage Cabinets
Our experience equips us to design Custom Cabinets, special colors and finishes.  We are able to design and manufacture cabinets for all applications.
22,000 BTU Cargo Heater Added
The 22,000 BTU series of Cargo Heaters has been expanded to include Portable and Wall Mount models along with its already
successful 22,000 BTU Front Mount model.

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